Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Our students have been privileged to have Counties Manukau come in and take sports with our tamariki. Today was our final session of 'ki-o-rahi' (a traditional pre-European MÃ¥ori ball game)with the crew. Ruma 5 had so much fun learning the history and all the different skills required to be a great team player. 

..Bikes in schools..

Today (Wed 31st May) ruma 5 had their first bikes in schools session for 2017. Students were full of excitement and eager to race one and other around the school field. One of our students even learnt to ride a bike today. (woooowwww) Ruma 5 showed manaakitanga and tautoko towards their teina as she persevered to conquer her fear. It only took her a BIG 3mins to learn how to ride a bike (class record lol)We were soo proud of our Teuila as she mastered the technique of riding a bike. Yaye!!!' 
We all know what's going to be on her Christmas list this year (hehe)
Here are a few photos we would like to share of our awesome morning riding bikes in school.

Te Taonga (Mr T)

 Ruma 5 taking their mark.

 The race is on!

 Safety check talk

 Miss Teuila (earned her bike license)

 Coaching our Teuila

 Pre photos with the girls

 Make it click!

 Devontae cruising :)

 work those calf muscles Tyrese :p 

 This is how ruma 5 shows respect when answering questions (Ka pai Journey)

 Ready to ride (Ateliana, Mania & Dejah)

 Talofa lava and welcome to ruma 5's blog

Term 2- week 5

This week is all about acknowledging our Samoan brothers and sisters. Taking that extra step and learning a little more about the Samoan Gagana and Samoan cultural heritage. We've been learning song's, simple greetings and conducting prayer and hymns in Samoan as apart of our morning rituals. We would like to extend a big mihi to all the Samoan staff, aiga and friends who have supplied us with some awesome resources, kai and sports to make this week that much more special for us all. 

Here's a few things to look forward to:

Thursday: Opening Assembly (Whole School) from 1:30-2:30pm
Friday: Rotations (Whole School) from 9:00-12:20pm. After lunch is our closing assembly from 1:30-2:30pm.

Here are a few of the greetings and waiata we've been learning this week.

Talofa - Hello‘O a mai ‘oe? - How are you?Manuia fa’afetai - Well, thank youAe a ‘oe? - How about you?Manuia fo’i fa’afetai - I am fine also thank youManuia le aso - Have a good dayTofa - GoodbyeFa’afetai - Thank you

Sayings in the classroom

Fa'alogo mai - Listen
Toe fai mai - Say it again / repeat that
Fa'afetai - Thank you
Tulou - Excuse me
Fa'amolemole - Please
Lelei - Good

Our morning song 'Va'ai i le pepe'

Friday, 25 November 2016

Room 5's Mannequin Challenge...

It's Friday.
The weather isn't nice.
Let's kill time before we eat our ice blocks!

Enjoy our Mannequin Challenge.

Room 5

Thursday, 24 November 2016

End of Week 7....

Well it's coming to the end of Week 7...can't believe there is only 3 more weeks left of school.

It's been a busy but wonderful last term.  There is lots of learning left so please continue to send your children to school.

We have our Butterfly Creek/Rocket Ropes trip next Thursday (1 December).  Please make sure your child have everything they need.  Please ring me if you have any questions.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Welcome to Room 5

There's only 4 weeks left of school!  Let's smash it!